Career Of A Lifetime…

Over the past couple of years I have been pursuing a career in law enforcement. I have had my eye on one particular agency because it allows the flexibility to live all over the state where I have the opportunity to grow and do many other jobs within this agency. I wouldn’t be restricted to just one city or county.

With anything that I do, I research the heck out of it. I speak to those in the field and get their take on the job. I do my best to always be open minded with every question I ask without any assumptions. I finally applied for the position of cadet in 2014.

It took me three times to finally pass the physical requirements to move on to the written examination. I was not in the best of shape needed to work really hard on my running. I needed to lose weight. In all reality, this first physical test was just to see where I was at, who I was up against, and what to expect for the next one.

I then applied right away for the next physical and really stepped up my work outs to ensure that I was ready. Two days before the work out I went through the entire work out to ensure I was ready. I then took the day before the physical off from working out to allow rest. Then I failed. I was completely beside my self. I feel like I psyched my self out and tried too hard while I was there. I quickly learned that lesson.

So, I applied for the 3rd time and passed with flying colors. The next day I went to the written examination and 30 days after that found out I passed. It was time for the real work.

To make a long story short. I am currently in my 15th month of the process of joining this agency. I successfully passed my background check where all my skeletons came out of the closet. I successfully passed my CVSA (lie detector exam), written psych eval and oral psych eval. Medical is where I am stuck.

I am in much better shape than I was when I began this process. However, there were a few things the agency Doc wanted a second opinion. One was my hearing. I have lost some hearing when I was in high school for unknown reasons in my left ear. I recall as a child I got many ear infections but all I was given were pills

It has been determined that I have Otosclerosis, which means the little bones in the middle of the ear sound bounces off of and sends to your inner ear for the sound are glued together. There is a surgery for this and I am optimistic about it.

Another issue was a positive skin PPD test regarding TB. It has been determined that I have Latent TB. This means that I have the antibody in my system however it is not active and I am not contagious. I began a 9 month treatment for this and have received a letter from that doc advising that I am clear to continue. Chest x-rays are also negative.

Lastly, a stress test. Because back in January my BMI was over 30 it is required a stress test be performed to clear me as a precaution to ensure my heart is healthy enough for the intense work outs the academy requires. This will take place on Monday morning.

The next academy in in August and I am optimistic that I can make it pending the ear surgery. This has been such a long process and I am more than ready to get my career started. The most recent academy class began May 9th. The first week is strictly an orientation week. Pick up day and the real work began this last Monday and 4 people have already resigned their positions. This class is now sitting at 146 cadets. To think that out of that 146 the statistics say that only about 90 will graduate. I have a few friends in this class. I wish so bad I was there with them, but I am just that much more motivated to ensure I am ready for day 1.



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