Don’t wait for a natural disaster or neighborhood emergency to get to know your neighbors. Not every neighborhood is crime free. There are some neighborhoods that have less crime than others. It is our responsibility to do what we can to alleviate crime in our neighborhoods.

The following are 5 simple and easy ways to team up with your neighbors to keep your neighborhood safe from crime.

  • Get to know your neighbors –  First thing you should do is meet your neighbors. This can be done by a door-to-door meet and greet or maybe invite the neighbors for a block party. If meeting face to face is not in the cards for you a great resource to use is
  • Invite law enforcement into your community – Once you have gotten to know your neighbors, invite law enforcement into your community for a little town hall meeting. An officer would be more than happy to meet with your community to discuss crime prevention tips as well as inform you of what crimes have been occurring in your neighborhood or around it. They can also suggest ways for your community to work together to keep crime out of your neighborhood.
  • Find out who has surveillance cameras – It is always a good idea to find out who has surveillance cameras and how they are positioned. This will assist law enforcement with crimes such as Burglaries, theft, hit n runs, or any other crime that may occur. Detectives can use this information to hunt down criminals that may come in contact with a camera.
  • Form a Neighborhood Watch – After talking with law enforcement build your neighborhood watch. A great way is to place signs at any entrance to your community. A great tool we use for the modern day is the Neighborhood Watch App. This app allows you to report suspicious activity directly to law enforcement or to the neighborhood watch appointed captain.
  • Keep up on Crime Trends – In my neighborhood, we use This website allows you to put in your city and local law enforcement will update accordingly based on what is going on in your community directly and those around you. A quiet neighborhood is not exempt from crime. By knowing what kind of crimes are occurring around you can help you prevent crime in your community.
  • Security Cameras – If your community is experiencing more crime than usual, consider getting security cameras. This can be done by getting them yourself and have them set up to where you can watch them from your phone or computer anywhere or even monitored by a security company. I highly recommend anything that has night vision capabilities.

These simple steps will help you keep your community safe. If you live in a large community like I do, break your community up by streets. We have about 40 houses per street. It is true that not all neighbors will be so forthcoming with wanting to help out and know that is fine. We keep an eye on each other. #TakeCareOfEachOther


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