Back @ It

I am back at it. I am working on getting in shape. I ran a 5k this last weekend to see where I am at. I have work to do. I am starting up calisthenics work outs as well.

I have been doing a ton of thinking and have decided to get into 911 dispatching. I noticed that when looking for these jobs, I have found you need to look under all different headings or classifications for this position. It took a hot minute, however I have since put in a couple applications.

If I am able to land this position I will make it a career. I am going to continue to work on getting in better shape and work out other things so I can get into the field as a police officer. There is no more backing down.

Wifee and I are working on starting a family and I want to be able to support my family so she can stay home and raise our kids. We are not getting any younger. The time is now and it will always be now. There is no more waiting until tomorrow.









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