I totally gave up

If I am going to be successful I need to be completely honest. I totally gave up. I had given up on my career in law enforcement after a 45 minute interview shot my dream right out of the clouds. I stopped working out and I stopped trying. I figured that if that agency didn’t want me then no agency wanted me.

I have been really thinking about my career options at this point and I have made the decision that I am going to try 2 more times. I hope I don’t have to try the third time. I am making the commitment to my self and my wife that I am going to go harder and be stronger than I was before. I am going to prove to my self and any LE agency that I am worth it and I am willing to do what it takes to be the best me I can be.

This new year brings many new hopes and dreams and is the future that I have been looking for. I owe this to my family and my self.

“One can not be successful if one does not try.”



Out On The Town With A Police Department In SOCAL

I have been pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. I have a friend who works for the department and has been trying to get me to apply. Though I was already in the process with another department and that has fizzled at the moment, I decided to apply. So, why not do a ride-a-long.

Last night, I went on an evening ride-a-long with A Police Department from 18:00 – 00:00. For the night time ride-a-longs, their policy is only 6 hours and or no later than midnight. I assume this is for safety reasons because the overnight crowd, is well, more temperamental lets say.

Let me just start off by saying the personnel are all amazing from the officers to the Sergeants, Lieutenants to even the Dispatchers.

To begin the night my buddy gave me a tour of the station, which is super amazing, and his car and gave me the play by play in the unlikely event that something should go down and what HE wanted me to do rather than what I would do in the situation. Basically saying, defy my instincts to assist and take cover. He knows me all too well.

One of the things I realized is that everyone we came in contact with whether it was a traffic stop, transient laying on the side walk, folks in a restaurant, or even folks just driving by, everyone was more positive. I guess what I mean is, the nature in which people conducted themselves around us was in a positive manner rather than skiddish or looking at us out of the corner of their eye or trying to hide or get out of our way to avoid making some kind of contact with us.

We pulled over a couple of people. One dude was clearly NOT wearing his seat belt as he passed us trying to get to work, he was advised and not cited. Another vehicle blew a stop sign in a residential area right in front of us. He was advised and not cited. Anniversary gift from BPD to them. The last one we stopped was more interesting because my buddy and I looked at each other at the same time like WTF! We were behind a vehicle with a Arizona License Plate. The thing about it and reason we pulled him over was to check it out. It looked fake, like it was printed on a piece of paper. There was a sheen to it as if it was a paper plate you get from the dealership. It was not 3D like a regular license plate would be from any other state. Clearly, this is a new thing they were doing now in AZ. Plate came back real and authentic. The driver was not mad or upset about it at all, in-fact we had a few laughs and he went on his merry way.

Intoxicated dude. While doing a patrol in a neighborhood, where it is predicted that on our shift a crime would occur, we were flagged down by a concerned resident about some random dude who seemed under the influence of something and acting strange. Sure enough. We found the teenager in a state I call SUPER HIGH, to the fact that he seemed drunk just by looking at him. He was standing at the top of some stairs that lead to apartments. Immediately, we noticed he was holding himself up on the railing eating a bag of something. I did not go near per my buddy. I stayed at the car in a tactical position in the unlikely event I needed to take cover somewhere. Basically, this dude was SUPER HIGH and waiting for his friend to come out so they could go to his girls house. This dude was just not being honest about anything… I won’t even get into it. Basically, thanks to prop 49, unless they are caught smoking weed, no point in wasting time arresting them. For safety reasons, back up was called and arrived in under 2 minutes just to babysit the other guy while my buddy was chatting with and giving a life lesson to a know it all teenager. End of the call, we cleared with no arrest and everyone left peacefully without incident.

Domestic Dispute calls are the reason I didn’t really want to join a police department, however, I do have a knack for talking to people and assist them with resolving their issues in a manner in which does not include violence or hostility toward anyone. The first one was a dude angry that another dude and his family were “Taunting” him and flipping him the bird trying to get a reaction out of him. The first dude has a restraining order on the other dude and family because of a long time feud which I still don’t understand. I suppose the only reason is because the first dude is Cuban and the other is Mexican and the Mexican family hates the Cuban family and is trying to get them to relocate. The next one was in regards to a custody dispute where the dad came over to pick up his Son and Daughter, while the mom was getting the daughter ready to go, dad just left with his son. The mom was having an issue with the fact that dad was not answering his phone or texts when she would try to contact him. He was late bringing him back and disliked the fact that he didn’t take his daughter as well. This seemed more of a cultural issue, without sounding racist in any way, its just what it is. In the end, mom had to physically come to dad’s apartment to get her son. Granted, by the time we got there it was about 21:00.

We did get a trespassing call where 4 teens were near and around a house that was under construction and smoking pot. Unfortunately, they were Unable To Locate. Oh well.

All in all, we had a great evening and it was an experience I will remember. I really enjoyed the contact I had with all the officers and brass and would feel very comfortable working for this department.



I have been working to get on a police agency for the last 15 months. Today I received a letter in the mail stating I had failed the psychological evaluation. I don’t exactly know how to feel about that. I have done so much and worked so hard to find out I failed.

I became frustrated and angry. Then I became upset and a bit sad. I feel that there is a reason I failed but no the psych reason. Maybe it is not my time. Maybe I need more time to prepare to be ready. I am sure I can figure it out.

I have 90 days to dispute the failure and be re-evaluated by a psychologist of my choosing. I will need to think about this and determine if this is the agency I want to continue to pursue. My heart was settled on this agency because I feel they are the best to work for and I see an amazing career there. I just hate the fact that I have worked so hard to fail.

Those who succeed failed many times. I will not fail. I will prevail one way or another.

I think the one thing that bothers me so much is the many times I called, including today, I feel I was lied to about my status. I could tell by the way the tone changed in the person’s voice when I asked and the person looked it up. I could tell they did not want to give me the bad news. I feel they did not live up to the Integrity and Courage that this agency prides themselves on. Oh well. I guess I will continue to be open and honest in hopes to not fail again.

At the moment I just feel crushed.


Career Of A Lifetime…

Over the past couple of years I have been pursuing a career in law enforcement. I have had my eye on one particular agency because it allows the flexibility to live all over the state where I have the opportunity to grow and do many other jobs within this agency. I wouldn’t be restricted to just one city or county.

With anything that I do, I research the heck out of it. I speak to those in the field and get their take on the job. I do my best to always be open minded with every question I ask without any assumptions. I finally applied for the position of cadet in 2014.

It took me three times to finally pass the physical requirements to move on to the written examination. I was not in the best of shape needed to work really hard on my running. I needed to lose weight. In all reality, this first physical test was just to see where I was at, who I was up against, and what to expect for the next one.

I then applied right away for the next physical and really stepped up my work outs to ensure that I was ready. Two days before the work out I went through the entire work out to ensure I was ready. I then took the day before the physical off from working out to allow rest. Then I failed. I was completely beside my self. I feel like I psyched my self out and tried too hard while I was there. I quickly learned that lesson.

So, I applied for the 3rd time and passed with flying colors. The next day I went to the written examination and 30 days after that found out I passed. It was time for the real work.

To make a long story short. I am currently in my 15th month of the process of joining this agency. I successfully passed my background check where all my skeletons came out of the closet. I successfully passed my CVSA (lie detector exam), written psych eval and oral psych eval. Medical is where I am stuck.

I am in much better shape than I was when I began this process. However, there were a few things the agency Doc wanted a second opinion. One was my hearing. I have lost some hearing when I was in high school for unknown reasons in my left ear. I recall as a child I got many ear infections but all I was given were pills

It has been determined that I have Otosclerosis, which means the little bones in the middle of the ear sound bounces off of and sends to your inner ear for the sound are glued together. There is a surgery for this and I am optimistic about it.

Another issue was a positive skin PPD test regarding TB. It has been determined that I have Latent TB. This means that I have the antibody in my system however it is not active and I am not contagious. I began a 9 month treatment for this and have received a letter from that doc advising that I am clear to continue. Chest x-rays are also negative.

Lastly, a stress test. Because back in January my BMI was over 30 it is required a stress test be performed to clear me as a precaution to ensure my heart is healthy enough for the intense work outs the academy requires. This will take place on Monday morning.

The next academy in in August and I am optimistic that I can make it pending the ear surgery. This has been such a long process and I am more than ready to get my career started. The most recent academy class began May 9th. The first week is strictly an orientation week. Pick up day and the real work began this last Monday and 4 people have already resigned their positions. This class is now sitting at 146 cadets. To think that out of that 146 the statistics say that only about 90 will graduate. I have a few friends in this class. I wish so bad I was there with them, but I am just that much more motivated to ensure I am ready for day 1.