The Worst Massacre on US Soil June 12, 2016

The Worst Massacre on US Soil June 12, 2016

On June 12, 2016, a Radicalized American Born Muslim with high powered Assault Rifle walked into a gay night club on National Pride Day and killed 50 people and injured 49, 5 of which are still in critical condition as I write this. This terrorist was contacted and interviewed on 2 separate occasions by the FBI in which it was determined he did not have ties to any terrorist organization. Somehow, he fell through the cracks. It is now only in the aftermath of this massacre they will have to take a look back and find out what they missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. Besides the senseless, despicable and cowardly act of this terrorist killing and wounding 99 people at this night club, it is the fact that Liberals are politicizing gun control rhetoric again.

Taking guns away from the American people is NOT the answer. Limiting how Americans can express their 2nd Amendment rights our founding fathers wrote in the United States Constitution is NOT the answer. This is the problem. I am a believer of the US Constitution and believe every American has the right to bare arms. We have the right to own and carry guns if we so choose to do so. Our rights are slowly being taken away or very strictly limited every time this happens. Liberals are blaming guns, NOT the people misusing guns for their personal attacks. They are not holding those responsible. They just want to talk gun control and try to find legal jargon on how to take our guns away to protect ourselves from criminals and terrorists. Maybe they should start with their Secret Service Details and see how far they get.

I live in the fine state of California. I live in Los Angeles County. Let me explain how I can obtain a gun. I can go and purchase a gun. I must fill out a ton of paperwork so the government can do a back ground check to ensure I am not a criminal or a felon. I then must wait a total of 10 days before I can pick up my gun. I then must transport it home and place it in a secure location within the dwelling in which I live and can not use said fire arm unless I take it to the shooting range for practice, or when a burglar who broke into my house and cornered me in a position in which I feared for my life and had absolutely no way out and my absolute last resort was to shoot him/her/they dead. The key words were, I feared for my life. I have to say that consistently to the police and in court otherwise I am just a cold blooded murderer.

I can NOT open carry a firearm in the state of California.┬áThat is completely illegal in the state of California even though that is a clear violation of my 2nd Amendment rights. However, I do have the option of going down and filing more paperwork to try and obtain a concealed carry permit from the County of Los Angeles. I have a better chance of giving berth to a Unicorn than I do at obtaining a concealed carry permit. Unless I am a celebrity or a member of the 1% would I be granted this golden ticket of a permit. Me, just being an average joe, with absolutely no “good” reason as it is written, to carry a firearm I will 100% be denied my right to carry a legally purchased firearm on my person out in public. THIS is a violation of my 2nd Amendment rights. THIS is one of the many things the NRA has been fighting and has been an uphill losing battle. This is all thanks to our LIBERAL Democrats who are doing everything in their power while they are in office to take our guns away from the American people.

IF, just one or even two responsible gun owners who were allowed to carry their gun would have been at or near that night club the night of June 12, 2016, there is a large probability the terrorist would have been killed long before he shot 99 people and killed 50 of them. This goes for any one of the other locations in which these attacks occurred. Any of the schools take your pick, a movie theatre and government buildings all of which are “gun free zones.” These gun free zones are targets for these terrorists.

This was a senseless act of terrorism on a community of people who live a different lifestyle than the majority of us. There needs to be more LOVE spread across the world and less HATE. Not one of us have the right to judge another human being based on who they CHOOSE to LOVE. We are all humans in the end no matter our color, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We should all love each other as a human on this planet PERIOD.