The Rumor That Threatened My Life

I read an amazing blog by Misadventures of a Lady Cop regarding rumors surrounding woman in law enforcement always in a sexual connotation. It got me thinking about a rumor that spread that threatened my life.

It all started when I refused to sleep with a married woman. Weird right!?!?

I do not discriminate who I date, but there is one type of woman I will not date or sleep with. A married one.

Basically, married woman started up this crazy rumor that her and I were sleeping together and had been for quite a while. She wanted other co workers to think that she cool or something. Unfortunately, my coworkers believed her and stopped speaking to me and giving me the cold shoulder. Even when I confronted them about what was going on they would just tell me, “you know what you are doing is wrong”.

A couple days go by and I think that it will pass over but I was very wrong. I began receiving hate facebook messages from a man I did not know. The messages got worse and worse to the point to where he threatened to meet me after work and shoot me on the spot.

I took those messages straight to the Sheriff station where I was advised there was nothing they could do because a crime had not been committed. Sorry, a threat to my life is a crime. Well it is today.

The very next day after I went to the Sheriff station, I was walking out to my truck after work and a man was leaning on my truck. I made the snide remark about getting off my truck. I was a couple feet from him when he pulls out a black handgun. Quick thinking and all my self defense training I had the hand gun pointed at him within 5 seconds. He was not expecting that at all. He quickly told me who he was and what he was doing there. He was the husband of married woman and how he received an anonymous phone call about me sleeping with his wife. Everything was starting to make sense. Now I understood what was going on.

I very clearly advised him whatever he had been told was a complete lie and was not happening and had never happened. It clicked in his head very fast he was there for absolutely nothing and that maybe he needed to get his wife in check.

I unloaded his weapon, removed the rounds from the mag, placed the rounds in my pocket and the mag back in the gun. Handed him the gun and left.

I found out from one of my co workers who finally wanted to talk to me again that married woman started telling everyone her and I were sleeping together and her sister anonymously called her husband giving him all the details.

If there is one thing I have learned from this was not to have the reputation of dating people from work.

I then worked a miracle, got un-friend zoned and married my best friend. I am happily married.










The Worst Massacre on US Soil June 12, 2016

The Worst Massacre on US Soil June 12, 2016

On June 12, 2016, a Radicalized American Born Muslim with high powered Assault Rifle walked into a gay night club on National Pride Day and killed 50 people and injured 49, 5 of which are still in critical condition as I write this. This terrorist was contacted and interviewed on 2 separate occasions by the FBI in which it was determined he did not have ties to any terrorist organization. Somehow, he fell through the cracks. It is now only in the aftermath of this massacre they will have to take a look back and find out what they missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. Besides the senseless, despicable and cowardly act of this terrorist killing and wounding 99 people at this night club, it is the fact that Liberals are politicizing gun control rhetoric again.

Taking guns away from the American people is NOT the answer. Limiting how Americans can express their 2nd Amendment rights our founding fathers wrote in the United States Constitution is NOT the answer. This is the problem. I am a believer of the US Constitution and believe every American has the right to bare arms. We have the right to own and carry guns if we so choose to do so. Our rights are slowly being taken away or very strictly limited every time this happens. Liberals are blaming guns, NOT the people misusing guns for their personal attacks. They are not holding those responsible. They just want to talk gun control and try to find legal jargon on how to take our guns away to protect ourselves from criminals and terrorists. Maybe they should start with their Secret Service Details and see how far they get.

I live in the fine state of California. I live in Los Angeles County. Let me explain how I can obtain a gun. I can go and purchase a gun. I must fill out a ton of paperwork so the government can do a back ground check to ensure I am not a criminal or a felon. I then must wait a total of 10 days before I can pick up my gun. I then must transport it home and place it in a secure location within the dwelling in which I live and can not use said fire arm unless I take it to the shooting range for practice, or when a burglar who broke into my house and cornered me in a position in which I feared for my life and had absolutely no way out and my absolute last resort was to shoot him/her/they dead. The key words were, I feared for my life. I have to say that consistently to the police and in court otherwise I am just a cold blooded murderer.

I can NOT open carry a firearm in the state of California. That is completely illegal in the state of California even though that is a clear violation of my 2nd Amendment rights. However, I do have the option of going down and filing more paperwork to try and obtain a concealed carry permit from the County of Los Angeles. I have a better chance of giving berth to a Unicorn than I do at obtaining a concealed carry permit. Unless I am a celebrity or a member of the 1% would I be granted this golden ticket of a permit. Me, just being an average joe, with absolutely no “good” reason as it is written, to carry a firearm I will 100% be denied my right to carry a legally purchased firearm on my person out in public. THIS is a violation of my 2nd Amendment rights. THIS is one of the many things the NRA has been fighting and has been an uphill losing battle. This is all thanks to our LIBERAL Democrats who are doing everything in their power while they are in office to take our guns away from the American people.

IF, just one or even two responsible gun owners who were allowed to carry their gun would have been at or near that night club the night of June 12, 2016, there is a large probability the terrorist would have been killed long before he shot 99 people and killed 50 of them. This goes for any one of the other locations in which these attacks occurred. Any of the schools take your pick, a movie theatre and government buildings all of which are “gun free zones.” These gun free zones are targets for these terrorists.

This was a senseless act of terrorism on a community of people who live a different lifestyle than the majority of us. There needs to be more LOVE spread across the world and less HATE. Not one of us have the right to judge another human being based on who they CHOOSE to LOVE. We are all humans in the end no matter our color, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We should all love each other as a human on this planet PERIOD.


A Day At Universal Studios Hollywood

A Day At Universal Studios Hollywood

Wifee and I decided to spend the day at Universal Studios. Harry Potter Land has been opened and she has wanted to go. So we went. When in large crowds my patients grows thin very fast. And there are three types of people that grind my gears. The Asian Tourists, selfie stick people and inconsiderate stroller pushers.

First of all, I just want to say we had a blast of a time checking out the all new Harry Potter land. Wifee got herself a pretty cool wand and we got to ride the Harry Potter ride 2 times. As the sun begins to set, the people begin to leave. So we hit HPL a second time to get on the ride.

I wanted the day to be really good so I decided to put on a second pair of patience panties so I didn’t lose my cool over any of the aforementioned issues that grind my gears.

It all started when we were standing in line for Transformers. There was this fairly large Japanese Tour Group and they were spread all over the line. I have always had the belief the Japanese culture is set around respect and courtesy. Clearly, when they are 6000 miles away in America, that all goes to shit. This group pushed their way through us and in-front of us as we walked the cue line. Then as we were about to get in the car for the ride, this one Japanese Tourist decided that she did not like line she was in she pushed my wife out of the way and jumped right in-front of her, that my wife got upset with her and gave her some choice words. I looked at her and told her how rude she was and she pretended as if she did not speak any English. As we exited the ride, I could hear her talking to a few from her group as they were right behind us and I knew that she was talking shit about us. I could pick out a couple words. I turned and gave her the dirtiest of looks and that group STFU really fast.

After all that nonsense, it was the Selfie Stick people. I now understand why Disneyland has banned them. At first I thought it was completely ridiculous. I feel that Universal Studios, all theme parks should do the same. They are super annoying. I was hit by 3 of them and by the third one I just about took it and broke it, but I did not need a night in the slammer. I refrained.

Lastly, it is the inconsiderate stroller pushers. I understand that parents have young children that just can not walk the entire way or can’t walk at all. I get it. But when you have a stroller, pay attention to the people in-front of you that you are not running them over, If you need to stop right in the middle of the mid-way, pull over to the side and out of the way since you are taking up more space than just people standing around. It is just too difficult to get around you especially, when you want to put your stroller sideways.

Needless to say, on the inside I was EXPLODING but I kept it all together for my wifee since it was her day.